The SC Upload | Engineering, Part 1: Hiring Top Talent

  1. The big, important challenges your company is working on and why it is a great place to work
  2. The details of the role and what makes it a compelling opportunity within the company
  3. The qualities of the candidate that you are looking to hire
  • Junior Engineer — <2 years of experience
  • Engineer — 2–4 years of experience
  • Senior Engineer — 4+ years of experience
  • Principal Engineer — 7+ years of experience
  • Back End Engineer — Primarily responsible for non user facing components including databases, APIs, and services.
  • Front End Engineer — Primarily responsible for user facing components including implementing the UI (if applicable).
  • Full-stack Engineer (This can also be expressed by omitting both the former descriptors) — Responsibilities within both front end and back end systems. The breadth of experience can often come at the cost of depth.
via TechCrunch



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